Starting Fall 2019, MI Farm Co-op is offering a Multi-Farm CSA

More than 5 local farms in ONE box!

Drop off Sites & Times

Drop off sites will be centrally located in downtown Traverse City, Suttons Bay, Leland, Frankfort, Empire, and Glen Arbor. You can also pick up your CSA at Lakeview Hill Farm in Traverse City, or 9 Bean Rows in Suttons Bay.

The CSA will run for 10 weeks from September 24th - November 26th, with the last box including the Thanksgiving essentials. Pick up will be on Tuesday at determined drop off sites between 4 and 6 pm. We will determine these locations one week prior to the start and send out a email notification to all CSA members.

Price and what's included

The price is $475 and offers some unique items! Freshly baked bread and produce from 9 Bean Rows, vegetables from Lakeview Hill Farm, eggs from Pristine Acres, apples, grapes, and other fruit from Bardenhagen Farms and Bakker's Acres.

Here's what to expect in your weekly box

1 dozen eggs

1 loaf of bread

Salad greens/micro greens or shoots

3-4# fruit

beets, carrots, kale, potatoes, fall vegetables, etc.

Chicken is available as a weekly add-on

Whole Chicken, 4.75# $21.50
Half chicken, 2.5# $12
Breasts, 1.25# $13.44
Drumsticks 3 pc, $5.75
Thighs 3 pc, $6.50
Wings 4 pc, $3.50
Turkeys, 17.5# $65.75

Or try our 10 week add on package $180

Week 1 - chicken breasts

Week 2 - chicken wings

Week 3 - half chicken

Week 4 - chicken thighs and drumsticks

Week 5 - chicken breasts

Week 6 - chicken wings

Week 7 - whole chicken

Week 8 - chicken thighs and drumsticks

Week 9 - chicken breasts

Week 10 - whole turkey, 17# average

Are you ready to sign-up?

Please email or call 231-590-4661 to confirm participation.

Please mail check, cc payment available by request.

Michigan Farm Cooperative PO Box 972 Suttons Bay, MI 49682